Discontinuous Man


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ailes grises Когда я чем-то занят или свободен, когда о чём-то думаю или когда думать нет сил или желания, когда чувствую себя нормально или не очень, в голове часто играет музыка, очень похожая на эту. Тёплая сама по себе, но вытягивающая тепло изнутри.
Кто знает - может быть, оно всё равно лишнее и от него лучше избавляться... Favorite track: Sarah Kane.
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sit on the edge of bed noone can see you. defer your presence white and small gather fire lay the cold air in my ears never too close not to cut off me i know what i’m doing on the tillage of anger i’m just counting my ears of wheat a hay bale of pain stabbing my lungs a hay bale of pain squeezing my heart i know what i'm doing
this is what i found a leaden seal’s roaring a futile despair just go back to sleep horses came up here their hooves are pounding so close and heavy fills my anatomy i know it’s not your fault but mine and it’s for you i shout in the chimney it’s healing us they said but how could we cure this when someone’s always trying to bite through his own neck
The Sermon 03:44
god’s breath go through me and it goes down to my stomach sloshed around and my stomach spoke in a whisper not a shout: she comes god’s blood flows through me and it flows down to my lungs sloshed around and my lungs spoke in a whisper not a shout: she’ll stab you god’s fear goes through me and it goes down to my stomach sloshed around and my stomach spoke in a whisper not a shout: you shall outlive this war
imagine a real despair can’t wipe the sweat always just compare my moves are dead i’ve never seen you in shirt so long
Eyetooth 04:07
blinding light of faith like a canvas on me have to take rest and find any sense counting in my head and start it again soil drinks up my thoughts i’m so grateful to you now i slowly sink on my knees your truth your lies not mine and i don’t understand my legs are empty not able to walk counting in my head and start it again find me and free me please free me from this now i slowly sink on my knees your truth your lies not mine no i don’t understand
実在 02:20
a balcon of milk a basement of paper i had no choice the choice came after crawling on glass like a prayer you think i’m blessed and it’s safer cut out my tongue tear off my hair cut off my limbs eat up my flesh
Arousal 05:22
sing above my voiceless clay places no longer separate drowning in milk give the lie to me fishes in the net we won’t starve again i got the knife which slices itself in half bad will would drive me to close my eyes legs get numb stare like a child i’m out it’ll all be mine soon the dark will hide
Sarah Kane 03:36


We are discontinuous beings, individuals who perish in isolation in the midst of an incomprehensible adventure, but we yearn for our lost continuity. We find the state of affairs that binds us to our random and ephemeral individuality hard to bear. Along with our tormenting desire that this evanescent thing should last, there stands our obsession with a primal continuity linking us with everything that is.
A man can suffer at the thought of not existing in the world like a wave lost among many other waves, even if he knows nothing about the division and fusion of simple cells.

Guitars, beats and synths recorded at home.
Vocals recorded at Norbert's home.
Mixing and mastering by Bence Nagy at his home.
Cover art by Gideon R. H.

Special thanks to: Bence Nagy (Belle Belle), Gideon R H, Norbert Kristof, Máté Magyar (the boy and the tele) and Lóránt Keresztes (J Mono).
Love to my family and friends.


released February 29, 2016


all rights reserved




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